Abacus Worldwide, LLC is pleased to announce that Swedish law firm Advokatfirman Linge has joined the progressive international association of independent accounting, consulting and legal firms.

The Blekinge-based firm focuses on advising domestic and international companies on business law in Sweden with a specialty in complex business and legal challenges at the intersection of the market, technology and law. In addition to their main office in southeast Sweden, the firm also has offices in Karlskrona, Växjö and Stockholm.

“Adding Linge opens up new areas of the Nordic region for our members with clients looking to do business there,” said Julio Gabay, President and CEO of Abacus Worldwide. “We look forward to adding their expertise to our membership as well as we network and learn from each other.”

For more about about Advokatfirman Linge, visit their website at advokatlinge.se/en/the-linge-law-firm.