Solo Practitioners

Now solo practitioners with smaller offices can reap many of the benefits of an Abacus membership with our Abacus One tier. Open to single-owner firms in the United States and Canada, this level helps you connect with other likeminded sole practitioners in Abacus One and with larger Abacus Worldwide firms, allowing you to make the connections you need to aid your clients at a cost that better suits your firm size. 


Competitive Advantage

There is strength in numbers, and Abacus One members can leverage that strength, allowing you to engage with other member firms for knowledge exchange, access to preferred pricing with many of our Alliance Partners, and refer clients anywhere in the world.

global connection

Your Abacus One membership gives you access to other members through our online platform along with a group to connect you with other single-owner firms to discuss firm growth and management.

How Members Are Evaluated

Potential Abacus One members must be independently owned and managed high quality firms staffed by experienced, well qualified professionals. We look for firms that focus on a personal approach, cost-effectiveness, accountability and responsiveness. Firms undergo the same application process - including review and acceptance - as firms joining with a standard membership.

If you have two or more partners, Abacus One membership is not for you. Please take a look at Abacus Worldwide membership which is for firms with at least two partners.

Membership DETAILS

  • Abacus One membership is for one person at the firm only such as the owner. (Abacus Worldwide membership is for the entire firm.)
  • Annual dues $2,000 paid in full for the year.
  • Access to our online communications platform Abacus Connect for one person
  • Access to our private Sole Practitioners group
  • Ability to refer clients to other Abacus members
  • Participation in online and virtual learning sessions
  • Participation at in-person regional meetings and annual general meeting at member-only registration fee
  • Access to member discounts from Alliance Partners
  • Ability to upgrade to full membership after firm grows to meet the minimum size requirements for Abacus Worldwide