Why Abacus

The abacus… an ancient tool used to bridge the gap between culture and commerce. In a time when language was the only barrier to a seamless business transaction, this instrument proved to be an essential part of the exchange, helping to make the complex simple.

Today, the business environment has evolved into a robust global organism, no longer limited by language or distance, but accessible to all. Conducting transnational business is still a complex process, but it can be simplified. With the right tools and resources, legal and accounting firms can help guide clients through this borderless business world.

Clients seek trusted advisors who can bring them the expertise and connections they need to succeed locally and expand internationally.


Accounting and Law Firms United

Some say there is strength in numbers. At Abacus, we know that business doesn't happen in a vacuum and to succeed you need to be surrounded with like-minded professionals. We also recognize that to compete in today's economy, professional services firms must be able to serve clients throughout the world. With that in mind, we connect law firms and accounting firms so that they can support each other's practice goals as well as their clients. There are tremendous opportunities to work together and we are focused on creating programs that accelerate these opportunities.

However, we are much more than a referral network. We are an association designed to help our members learn - from each other and from recognized thought leaders. Our goal is to facilitate relationships between members so that they feel comfortable calling on one another for technical expertise and general advice. With an emphasis on practice management, both our accounting firm and law firm members are exposed to tools and resources that enable them to grow and succeed.

Our Membership Profile

Abacus Worldwide can be your connection to the right contacts worldwide making your reach beyond measure. Membership in Abacus Worldwide means your firm is not alone. With the right resources at your fingertips, and connections that matter your firm will have the edge it needs for today's competitive environment to service your growing clients.

Who are the Firms that define Abacus? They are forward-thinking, future-ready firms. They are comprised of lawyers and accountants who understand the value of relationships and are always available to help another member out.

Windham Brannon, ​Atlanta, GA

Nicole Suk

"I'm impressed by the great collaboration between firms internationally as well as their professionalism. Just this year I have connected with people from Singapore, India, Brazil and the UK. These new relationships have resulted in new business for our firm and new resources when we need assistance."

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