Benefits of Membership

Abacus Worldwide is an alliance comprised of independently owned and managed professional service firms providing direct access to law firms and accounting firms in every region of the world. As a multi-discipline membership association, both law and accounting firms join Abacus in order to support international business referrals, participate in knowledge exchange and gain access to practice management tools all to better serve their growing clients.


Connections Around ​the World

Abacus Worldwide can be your connection to the right contacts worldwide making your reach beyond measure. Membership in Abacus Worldwide means your firm is not alone. With the right resources at your fingertips, and connections that matter your firm will have the edge it needs for today's competitive environment to service your growing clients.


The Business of ​Law & Accounting

With access to practice management tools and resources, benchmarking with other like-minded members, and exchanging knowledge and business referrals in a non-competing environment, Abacus provides tangible benefits. We know what small and mid-sized firms need to grow and have developed programs created to evolve with your firm.



Because of the buying power of the combined membership, Abacus has been able to negotiate strategic alliances with industry specific vendors providing your firm with discounted pricing and services.

As a member of Abacus Worldwide your firm will enjoy special pricing and preferred service through our Alliance Partners.

Events & Programs

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Doing business across the globe is complicated. Each country has their own set of ever-changing rules and regulations. Vantage Worldwide is our monthly podcast that highlights a different country and gives an overview of what it's like to do business there. A collaboration of our members, this podcast is designed to be shared with clients as well as staff.

Balanced Perspective-1

Education isn't limited to the expertise of our members. On an ongoing basis, industry experts bring us information on a wide variety of professional development subjects that help our firms to be more efficient, more productive and more forward thinking. Most programs are presented through virtual sessions are available on demand.

Knowledge You Can Count On-1

With an organization as robust as Abacus, we have a wide variety of expertise. Each month members have the chance to showcase their talent through technical topics and practice management idea sharing. These online educational sessions allow members to learn about each other and gain a better understanding of the resources found within the membership.

Annual General Meeting

Abacus provides a blend of virtual-based forums and in-person events for members to discuss best practices in firm management, to share industry and service expertise, and to network and exchange business opportunities. Our in-person Annual General Meeting (AGM) brings members together in a face-to-face setting and helps members to further solidifying the relationships they cultivate throughout the year.


GEN A Leadership Program

We believe true growth and development begins in one’s own firm. By sowing the seeds of innovation and cultivating a forward thinking MINDSET, we encourage personal and professional growth. This mindset will enable your firm to break the mold in relation to talent development and retention. You will more succesfully develop the next generation of leaders who will take your firm to the next stage of development.

The Abacus Gen A Leadership Program is custom designed to guide and help the future leaders of your firm to realize their full potential.


Small firms and solo practitioners can be a part of Abacus through our special membership tier designed just for them. With Abacus One, you can participate in our online community and virtual events to build global relationships, discuss best practices and grow your firm.