Abacus Worldwide, LLC is pleased to announce that Dominican law firm Melo, Martínez and Contín Abogados has joined the progressive international association of independent accounting, consulting and legal firms.

Founded in 1992, the firm focuses on business law in the Dominican Republic, advising national and international companies and investors on their interests in the country. The Santo Domingo-based firm boasts a multi-disciplinary team of more than 80 people covering 12 practice areas and has worked with the leading private bank and electric system of the country.

“We set high standards for our members, and the firm of Melo, Martínez and Contín Abogados easily exceeds them with its commitment to professional practices and ethical standards,” said Julio Gabay, President and CEO of Abacus Worldwide. “They put a high priority on finding quick and appropriate solutions for clients, which other members will be able to access for their own clients.”

For more about Melo, Martínez and Contín Abogados, visit their website at mmcabogados.com.do.