Abacus Worldwide, LLC is pleased to name Entigrity as an alliance partner of the progressive international association of independent accounting, consulting and legal firms.

Entigrity is a leading provider of offshore staffing solutions for accounting, CPA, and tax firms across the globe. The company helps firms hire staff for various positions from accountant to tax review to audit associate. With offices in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom, Entigrity is positioned to aid firms of all sizes fill staffing gaps.

“Finding and keeping staff remains a top concern for accounting firms worldwide,” said Julio Gabay, President and CEO of Abacus Worldwide. “This kind of partnership can provide coverage for our members who need skilled workers to help them meet client needs.”

Shalin (Shawn) Parikh, CEO and Founder of Entigrity added, “We believe this collaboration has the potential to redefine Accounting industry. It’s not just about joining forces; it’s about creating a sum greater than its parts. We aim to empower our clients and Abacus members by offering them access to an expanded pool of resources, expertise, and opportunities.”

For more about Entigrity, visit its website at www.entigrity.com.